G-Suite, formerly Google Apps, brought to you by CADABLE

Q:  What is G-Suite?
A:  A powerful suite of online tools that can give your users the ability to work collaboratively from anywhere at anytime.  It includes web-based email, calendar, documents, storage, and more

With G-Suite you can:

  • Stay in constant touch with colleagues, suppliers and customers via email, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing

  • Manage and share calendars

  • Create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, and more

  • Quickly build company or team websites

How can it help my business?

  • Reduced costs. G-Suite replaces expensive hardware and software and it's easier to use and manage, so you don't need so much IT support. See how much you could save with our online calculator.

  • Increased teamwork. G-Suite makes it easy for users to collaborate in real-time on the same documents. Team websites, email, instant messaging, voice and video chat add as many layers of communication as you need.

  • More productivity. Everyday business tasks like invoicing, planning and customer feedback are streamlined and direct. And that unwanted downtime spent travelling between meetings? No longer downtime

  • Improved security. We take security very seriously. All your work is stored (and backed up) in our network of secure data centers, and we have strong encryption and authentication to prevent unauthorized people from seeing your work. For a more detailed explanation, see our trust website.