Developed through years of experience in file system and network performance optimization

  • Cloud Connectivity

  • Cloud Compute Automation

  • Global file and sub-file locking system

  • Centralized data in the cloud

  • Global metadata

  • Global namespace

  • Caching and pinning

  • Global deduplication and compression

  • Military-grade security


Panzura's technology makes cloud compute and storage appear like it's a part of your corporate datacenter by solving the networking, security, storage, and authentication issues inherent with trying to take advantage of cloud computing resources.  With Panzura, applications can run in the cloud, in the datacenter or in both locations without a single change, and have access to the same data with our locking, consistent, Global File System.



  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

    • Genseler, Mead & Hunt, and NELSON have increased project profitability and reduced infrastructure costs by using Panzura to enable real-time cross site collaboration in CAD and BIM applications

  • Manufacturing

    • Milwaukee Tool uses Panzura to make global collaboration possible between its Wisconsin and China offices. Engineers across sites can work on the same set of product design files and share large video files without waiting for them to transfer across the network

  • Global NAS

    • Companies like Electronic Arts and Chevron use Panzura to provide a single, globally consistent file system. EA was able to reduce large file sync times from hours to seconds, speeding up game development

  • Hybrid Cloud

    • C&S Companies is able to give remote users access to virtual desktops that connect to Panzura's Global File System directly in the Cloud