Autodesk Vault Installation Services


Autodesk Vault Installation Services


Deliverables of this service include but are not limited to:

•    Collaborate with your existing IT Staff to ensure physical Vault Server meets requirements
•    Install Microsoft SQL Server according to Autodesk Vault Guidelines
•    Install Microsoft Internet Information Server according to Autodesk Vault Server requirements
•    Install and configure Autodesk Vault Server for your unique environment
•    Create Autodesk Vault Project file for your environment
•    Vault Existing Templates and proprietary Content libraries
•    Establish Shared Network Location for Autodesk Installation Media
•    Build Autodesk Network License File specific to your environment, with current and former products
•    Create as many Autodesk Deployment Configurations as desired for the Autodesk Vault Client
•    Ensure Autodesk Deployments install properly on end-user workstations