Meraki MS220-48 - Cloud Managed Switching for the Branch


Meraki MS220-48 - Cloud Managed Switching for the Branch


All models: 48 port gigabit Ethernet
All models: 4 × SFP for 1G uplink, non-shared
MS220-48LP includes 370 W PoE / PoE+
MS220-48FP includes 720 W PoE / PoE+

Hardware platform
Voice and Video QoS
Supports Cisco redundant power system (RPS2300)
Non-blocking switch fabric
Ultra-reliable, includes lifetime warranty

Power over Ethernet (for PoE models)
802.3af (PoE) 15.4 W per port
802.3at (PoE+) 25.5 W per port
MS220-48LP maximum PoE output: 370 W
MS220-48FP maximum PoE output: 720 W
PoE available simultaneously on all ports
Intelligent PoE power allocation based on device advertisement (LLDP)

Cloud management
Visibility and control over thousands of ports
Built-in multi site management
Zero touch provisioning

Monitoring and diagnostics
Cable failure testing
Gateway connectivity testing
Real time troubleshooting tools
Email and text message alerts