Data Management and Content Distribution Servers that use Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) can realize huge benefits in both performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by moving to AWS..‎

Examples of these products include Microsoft Sharepoint, Autodesk Vault, Revit Server, and non-IIS systems such as Wordpress, and Drupal.

Connectivity into AWS is vendor agnostic.  Companies can collaborate in AWS from a mix of VPN Appliances.  AWS connectivity is established in minutes.  Every major VPN manufacturer has documentation for connecting to AWS.

AWS will exceed your security requirements.  CADABLE will configure your instance of AWS to only be accessible on your LAN, or be secured with SSL so that you can safely collaborate with outside entities.

For heavy traffic environments, CADABLE can implement replication from AWS to your LAN.  If you prefer, the Parent / Child relationship can be reversed so that the main server resides on your LAN and the “Accelerator” server is in AWS.  This scenario would fit companies extending temporary collaboration tools outside of their firewalls.

CADABLE can configure servers of popular systems in minutes.  Projects often go live ahead of schedule.  Inquire for more information.